Registering for Classes

All matriculated students at Bryn Mawr College register for classes using BiONiC. Undergraduate students may select courses from Bryn Mawr College and Haverford College.

Students may register for classes two times each semester: preregistration (prior to the start of the semester) and during registration period (the first week and a half of classes). 

If you need help with registering for courses in Bionic, visit our Bionic Tour help videos, or our Drop-In Help Hours!

Changes requested after the end of add/drop must be completed using the late add/drop form (found on the Change of Registration page), and approved by the student's Dean.

Enrolling in a Bryn Mawr or Haverford Course

Enrolling in a Quaker Consortium Course

Enrolling in Classes 

Class Search and Enroll are in your Manage Classes tile. On the Manage Classes tile you can see if you have an enrollment appointment.   Use the left hand  navigation links to :

Manage Classes Button
view my classes dropdown
  • Click on the Class Search and Enroll button, select the term you want to view.
select a value
  • The SEARCH FOR CLASSES box is a flexible key word search. Type in a department name, subject code, faculty last name, word from a course title, etc and the search will return all courses that match.
Class search enroll search tips
  • Once you have your results, you can refine your search using the filters on the left
class search view search results

and use the SORT feature on the right

class search enroll sort
  • Once you have selected a class, all CLASS OPTIONS – class sections – will display. Your can expand the Course Information section to see the catalog description and details, or click on the CLASS link to view class notes and details. Click on the Class row or use the right arrow to select the class you want.

course info
  • BIONIC will walk you through the four steps to enroll or add to your shopping cart.  Use the action buttons in the right hand corner of the page.
  1. Review Class Selection if this is the class section you want, click NEXT
step 1 review class selection

2. Review Class Preferences is where you will add a permission number if you have one and change a course to Credit/No Credit. Usually you won’t use this page - just leave blank & Click ACCEPT then a NEXT button will appear, click NEXT to move on

Step 2 review class preferences

3. Enroll or Add to Cart lets you choose what you do with the course – add it to your schedule (ENROLL) or to your Shopping Cart. The ENROLL option will only appear when Registration is open. Once a course is in your Shopping Cart you can enroll from there. Click NEXT to move on

Step 3 enroll or add to cart

4. Review and Submit one more chance to be sure this is the class you want! Click Click SUBMIT

step 4 review and submit

BIONIC wants you to be super sure!!!!  Click YES (or Click NO, and you can click EXIT at any time too)

super sure



Searching for a Class

The SEARCH FOR CLASSES box is a flexible key word search. Type in a department name, subject code, faculty last name, word from a course title, etc and the search will return all courses that match. Here is an example of search for a course that will fulfill the Inquiry into the Past Approach to Inquiry requirement.

class search and enroll

On the results page there are 40 courses that matched the keyword Inquiry into the Past. On the left there are additional filters you can apply to narrow your search. The filters are dynamic and reflect the class results. The list of SUBJECTS includes subjects in the search results, not all subjects

class search results view

By selecting ARCH/Classical & Near Eastern Archaeology the search results show 4 classes that fulfill Inquiry into the Past.

view search results

When you click on a class you will see more details. You can expand the Course Information by clicking the triangle icon or Add to favorite Courses to save the course for later without adding it to your shopping cart.

course info from search

Click on the blue CLASS hyper link to get additional information, including the class notes, prerequisites, and class attributes, along with Meeting Information, Class Details and Class Availability

class info from search


Changing Classes

Once you have added your initial courses your schedule will display in "My Class Schedule". At the top of the page there are links to Add, Drop, and Swap Classes.  You will not be allow to drop below full time status (3 units).  If you are dropping one course and adding another in its place, use the Swap option.

Adding a class: Click on the Add link, you can either enter the "Class Number" or "Search for Classes" as above. (You may enroll in up to 4.5 units during pre-registration and 5.5 units during add/drop at the start of the semester)

Swapping a class: If you want to both drop a class and add a class, you can use Swap Class. 

  • Click on the Swap link. Choose the course you want to drop from the dropped down list in the "Swap This Class" section.
  • In the "With this Class" section you may Search for Class, Select from Wish List, or Enter Class Number of the course you want to add.
start course swap
  • Click on Search, Select or Enter, as appropriate.
  • Verify your choices and click the Finish Swapping.
confirm courses to swap

Dropping a Class: Click on the Drop link.  All of the courses you are registered for will display in a grid.

  • Click the check box next to the course you want to drop.
  • When you are finished, click the Drop Selected Classes button, review your selection on the next page.
  • Click the Finish Dropping button.
Review Dropped Class

After each action it is a good idea to click on the View My Schedule link and review the changes you have made.

Using View My Class Schedule

It is always a good idea to review your schedule once you have completed registration. You have several ways to view your schedule. Use the check boxes to choose what courses display – STATUS = Enrolled, Waitlisted, or Dropped. All views are printable or can be saved as a PDF using the PRINTABLE PAGE button

Class view including Enrolled and Dropped courses, course status is in the first row on the left

view classes by class

By Date/List View including Enrolled classes only. Date will default to first week of the term or the current date. You can adjust the date to include 2nd quarter courses.

view classes by date

By Date/Calendar View with enrolled classes only. Here you can adjust the week and the start and end times to match your schedule.

View classes by date calendar view

Need a copy of your schedule to share? Select SAVE TO PDF in the Destination drop-down, change orientation to LANDSCAPE.

schedule print landscape



Enrolling at Quaker Consortium Schools

To register for a Swarthmore College or University of Pennsylvania, review the information below: 


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