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Last updated May 17, 2024.

Bryn Mawr Class Lottery Information

Bryn Mawr College runs class lotteries for over-enrolled courses only. Students will receive an email from BiONiC with their results once the lottery process is complete. Refer to your email for your results. If a class goes to lottery, only a portion of students who aren't enrolled will go on the waitlist. Those students should attend the first meeting if they are still interested in the class. Dropped students should find an alternate course.


Fall 2024 Lottery Results

Lottery results will be available by May 24, 2024.

Check your email for your lottery results. You can check BiONiC for your results by clicking the following link: Student view of lottery and waitlist results

You will be prompted to login to BiONiC and can only view your own results. Lottery results will not be posted to the website.  See below for a description of each status.

Please use the following links to view lottery results. If your class went to lottery, use the following link to log into BiONiC to see your class lottery results (including waitlist positions): Faculty Review of Class Lottery Results.

To review all the lotteries run for classes in your department, please use the link below to access the results in BiONiC:  Faculty Review of all Lotteries in Department.

Note: If you are not able to see results for the department lottery page, please contact the Registrar's Office

Understanding Bryn Mawr's Lottery Results

Remember that in order to retain your seat in a class, you must attend the first class session.

  • Enrolled: You have been admitted to the class. Please attend the first class to retain your seat. If you do not attend the first class, your spot will be given to another student. If you no longer plan on taking the class, please drop it when registration re-opens.
  • Waitlisted: You have been placed on a waitlist and do not currently have a seat in the course. If space opens up, students from the waitlist will be admitted to the course first. If you want to get into the class and you are on the waitlist, you must attend the first class session. The course will appear as waitlisted on your registration. If you no longer wish to stay on the waitlist and instead wish to enroll in another course, you must drop yourself from the waitlisted course (which forfeits your spot on the waitlist). If a space opens up in a course and you are admitted from the waitlist, the professor will give you a permission number to enroll in the course. You will not automatically be enrolled in the course. Note: Your correct waitlist position was in the email you received, or can be viewed through this BiONiC sheet. The position number shown on your schedule in your Student Center may not be correct.
  • Dropped: You have not been admitted to the course or the waitlist (not all classes have a waitlist). You will not be able to add the course and it will be dropped from your registration. You should select a new course once registration reopens. 

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