Mail Forwarding

When you are away, Post Office will forward first class mail (regular letter mail) that is addressed to your campus mail box. The default forwarding address is your home address and if this is where you would like your mail forwarded, you need not take any further action. Forwarding happens automatically, based on your status in BIONIC.

Mail is forwarded

  1. when your status is "on leave"
  2. when you are studying away
  3. for the first year after your graduation

By default, mail is also forwarded during the summer (but not over other breaks). If you are staying on campus over the summer, you need to check the "forward to campus box" in BIONIC to keep your mail and packages coming to you here.  See instructions below.

How to change your forwarding address

Log onto Bionic

Main Menu -> Self Service -> Student Center

Under Personal Information, you will see Forwarding Address. Click on link.


At the top of the page, you will see your Current Home Address and Current Forwarding Address(s) (if applicable)


To enter your Forwarding Address:

  • Enter start date (when you will start using this address) and end date (when you leave the address) with month/day/year format (06/15/19)
    • Dates must not have already passed
  • Enter address (address, city, state, postal code, country)
    • If you do not know the abbreviation of state or country, click the magnifying glass to look up.
  • If you would like to receive mail at Bryn Mawr, click box “Forward to Campus Box” (only applicable to Address 1)

If you are using multiple forwarding addresses, complete a second Forwarding Address Entry (same as above)

Click OK to confirm.

*Note: start and end dates between entries cannot overlap! If end date of Address 1 is July 12th and start date of Address 2 is July 10th, this will not work. The start date of Address 2 would be July 13th.

To change or delete a forwarding address:

  • Go back into Forwarding Address Entry
  • Next to Current Forwarding Address(s), click “Delete this address” box
  • A message will pop up to confirm deletion. Click yes.

*Note: You can only have 2 Forwarding Addresses at a time