Religious and Spiritual Life

Bryn Mawr believes that faith and spirituality are a significant aspect of many students’ lives and that the free exercise of religion, as well as conversations among people with different world views, is integral to the educational mission of the College and to the quality of student life on campus. We strive to create and support spaces and programs on campus that facilitate religious and spiritual community-building, exploration, and inquiry. Our intent is to celebrate and empower Bryn Mawr’s diverse religious and spiritual community and to welcome interfaith dialogue.


On Bryn Mawr's Campus

Interfaith Chaplain

Rabbi Nora Woods 

Student Interfaith Coordinators

Xenya Currie and Josephine Cosentino

Kosher Kitchen Managers

Shir Carasso and Ruby Berney

Halal Kitchen Managers

Mariya Mushtaq and Fayeza Akter


As a nondenominational institution, Bryn Mawr does not employ or endorse any religious advisors, groups or representatives. However, we extend hospitality and assistance to religious advisors and to student religious groups that serve the spiritual and religious needs of our student population. To see a listing of advisors and groups, click on the links at upper left.


Liaison to Religious Advisors

Any questions relating to religious advising at Bryn Mawr College, including but not limited to questions regarding the Guidelines and Code of Conduct, should be addressed to:

Rabbi Nora Woods, Interfaith Chaplin
The Impact Center
Phone: 610-526-6952


Employees of the College are free to hold and express their religious ideas and beliefs as individuals. They are not, however, to use their access to students through the College or their authority as College officials to promote any set of religious convictions or commitments. Attempts to do so should be reported to The Impact Center or to the supervisor of the employee in question.


Local Places of Worship

We welcome you to visit these places of worship in the area surrounding Bryn Mawr College.

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