Coaching/Performance Reviews

Although conversation with and feedback from supervisors happens regularly throughout the year, a designated discussion that will be documented using the Coaching/Performance Review Form should occur at least annually.  The employee and the supervisor will each prepare for the periodic coaching/ performance review sessions by completing the Coaching/Performance Review Form.

In advance of a scheduled conversation, each employee should complete the form (using as much space as necessary) as a form of self-assessment, thinking honestly and critically about the successes and challenges over the past year in their own performance and what contributed to those outcomes. In addition, employees should think about and list suggested goals for the coming year (specific and measurable when possible) that are consistent with and will facilitate the achievement of the department’s and the College’s goals. In addition to the specific questions on the form, employees should prepare for the conversation by asking themselves questions like:

  • What am I looking forward to this year and why?
  • What are my particular strengths and skills? How am I leveraging them in my work?
  • Did I disappoint myself with any of my performance during the year?
  • What are the aspects of my job that are the least appealing to me? Why? Does that lack of appeal result in my avoiding those particular responsibilities or performing them less than optimally?
  • How else can I contribute to improving the department?
  • What do I need to do my current job better? Is there anything my supervisor can do to help me do my job better?
  • How do I contribute to making the College a better place, outside of my job function?

Supervisors can ask themselves many of the same questions (above) about their employees, and as they prepare for the discussion they might also ask:

  • How does this performance of this position impact the ability of the department to achieve its goals?
  • What are specific examples of the employee’s performance (not just recently but thinking about the entire year) that have been particularly good? Are there commonalities across the successes from which something can be learned?
  • Were there disappointments in the employee’s performance? What were the specific expectations that were not met? Can I determine the reason(s) for the underperformance?
  • How do the people who work most closely with this person (including the people who are served by this position) feel?
  • What are the College’s goals? What are the department’s goals for the coming year? What are the specific, measurable goals for this person so that we are best positioned to achieve the overall departmental and College goals?
  • How can I be most clear about the contributions expected from this position in a given timeframe?
  • What else can I do to assist the person in this position to optimize performance?

After the meeting between the supervisor and the employee, the supervisor will complete a final version of the form that may incorporate relevant points raised during the discussion. The supervisor will then sign the final version of the form, ask the employee to sign as acknowledgement that it has been shared with them, and then submit that final, signed version to the Human Resources department. Additional questions should be directed to Human Resources at 610-526-5261.