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Our programs boast a remarkable diversity in sub-disciplinary study, coordinated by our distinguished faculty noted for their discipline-defining research and pedagogical expertise

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Bryn Mawr's co-educational Graduate School of Arts and Sciences invites applications from academically prepared prospective students. Applicants are strongly advised to make personal contact with the Director of Graduate Studies and faculty members in the departments to which they plan to apply.

GSAS - New Student Orientation - 2023
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We know that affordability is a critical consideration in your exploration of graduate programs. Bryn Mawr offers graduate students a number of financial support opportunities.

Financial support includes fellowships, teaching assistantships, and Graduate Assistantships for the academic years as well as Supplemental Summer Support (SSRF and RA).  All Fellowships and Assistantships include health insurance coverage and a tuition award. 

The annual financial support for a full-time GSAS student, including the tuition waiver, health insurance subsidy and estimated Supplemental Summer Support, ranges from $72,072 to $94,906 in 2023-2024.

The Academic Year financial support is awarded during the admissions process and there is no additional application to complete - all you need to do is answer yes to the question “do you wish to be considered for financial support” on your application.

In the Spotlight

A Tradition of Excellence

Bryn Mawr College is a small liberal arts college, part of the Seven Sisters network of women’s colleges in the United States. Founded in 1885, Bryn Mawr College was the first women’s college to offer a Ph.D. education in the U.S. Since 1931, graduate enrollment has been co-educational and today embraces inclusivity as one of its core values. It is our tradition that each department features a remarkable diversity in sub-disciplinary study coordinated by a community of scholars known for their pedagogical expertise and discipline-defining research. Bryn Mawr College is internationally recognized for consistently producing distinguished alumnae with a global reach.

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